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“It’s Cancer”…

Numbness spreads through you, and your brain is in hyperdrive. It seems there are more questions than answers. Your world suddenly has changed and everything you knew or thought you knew, no longer seems real. Those two words might make the ground under your feet shift, but it doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks.

Cancer is cancer, and you’re still you!

Fear and vulnerability may join you on your journey. They visited me often after my diagnosis of cancer. Facing those two opponents, at times, felt more formidable than my cancer. Resisting the fear and pushing the vulnerability aside, served only to keep them nudging at me until it became a shove I couldn’t ignore.

What we resist, persists!

Is it time to recalibrate your compass for this journey?

Cancer is a traumatic diagnosis. You’ll never forget when you got that news or what the room smelled like or the sound of the doctor’s voice. Our instincts tell us to panic, turn inward and shut down. In addition to the cancer, fear and vulnerability can be your strongest challengers.

Your cancer is already there. Exploring your fears can introduce you to the most significant tools to serve you in your healing.

Dreams and passions need not be abandoned because of cancer. Healing and becoming whole again are not just possible, but can exceed your beliefs about your life before cancer. Discover your capacity for addressing fear and transforming it into living your best life.

Bridge the gap of healing between your body and the often-neglected, mind and spirit during treatment and in recovery. Learn new tools to promote healing and living your life with confidence and inner peace. It is the synergy of all three that create the healing force in becoming whole again. Begin the road to re-discovery now, take the NEXT STEPS©.

In the Spirit of Healing focuses on a holistic mind-body approach to healing and wellness.  As a Holistic Cancer and Integrative Health Coach, I believe every experience of living with cancer is unique. I’ve walked my own path on this journey and can walk with you, too.

Take the NEXT STEPS© towards making your vision of health and healing from cancer a reality. Contact me for a complimentary consultation.

“Make the powerful connections between body, mind and spirit as a path to wholeness.”

– Carole Heaney –