Hello. I’m Carole Heaney, Holistic Cancer and Integrative Health Coach. Thanks for visiting my page. I hope some of what you read here resonates with you or spurs you to think about healing in a new way.

A diagnosis of cancer or other serious illness, quickly creates chaos in your life. Like you, I’ve been on that journey. Cancer was never part of my 5-year plan, and I found myself needing a different compass to navigate my life.

Fear is a real part of the experience of cancer, as with any change. I remember it trying it’s best to control my reaction to everything happening around me. It creates uncertainty and vulnerability in every part of your life.  No matter where you are in the process, fear can consume you, if you let it.

  • Discover and hone your ability to understand and transform your fear
  • Learn new ways to live with vulnerability and uncertainty
  • Grow your resilience muscles
  • Find your true north and trust it as your guide

I believe healing is not always the absence of disease. I also believe our minds can transcend suffering and circumstance. When we can engage and connect the mind, body, and soul, the journey to alleviate ‘dis-ease’ can be enlightening. The mind is likely the most powerful healing tool that exists.

Several personal life-changing experiences presented me with an urgency to explore beyond my conventional education and training in healing. The onset of incurable cancer, leading to the death of my 42-year old husband; grieving his death and trying to figure out how to support my grieving children; supporting my father as he lived and died of lung cancer; and the treatment and recovery of my cancer, motivated a shift in my approach to healing.

My personal experience and transformation has been my best teacher and has guided me to serve as a bridge to others to integrate the gaps that exist between conventional, complementary and alternative medicine. If you’re interested in more about my background, check out my bio.

As another member of your care team, I support you to create a vision for healing, hope and resiliency; design strategies with you to connect the power of the mind, with the healing of the body, and the growth of the spirit.

You can exceed just coping with the immediate changes in your life due to cancer. This life change can nurture a trust in your wisdom and self-compassion and lead you to love the life you’re living to pursue your dreams. Create the ripple to change your life and discover joy, healing, and peace.

Cancer is cancer, don’t let it define you!

“Our experiences with cancer transform us, and make us more, not less, because of it.” 

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A Little About Me…

I live in upstate New York with my hubby, enjoying many gifts in my life. I never stop learning from my partner, children, grandchildren, friends, students and clients. My children have taught me to be adventurous, curious and to live without regrets. Abandoning fear has allowed my curiosity to grow and led me to be a late-blooming creative. The re-discovery of my creativity has provided space for the courage to live and love my life; to never stop seeking that which can nourish my body, mind, and spirit.