Latest Past Events

Heartsongs: Voicing the Desires of the Heart

Bath Avenue House 37 Bath Ave, Ocean Grove

The deep desires of our hearts live in silence, in the secret place buried inside of us. We do not speak of them. Not even to our closest friends. Not to our lovers. Our heart's desires are rarely uttered. For fear of disappointment. For fear of dreams that DON'T come true. For fear of [...]


Create Your Self-Care Toolkit


Self-care that is low-tech, simple, and sustainable! Discover the benefits of meditation and mindfulness techniques on the body, mind, and heart. Add in a little creativity, and these simple tools reduce stress; anxiety; negativity, and fear, in minutes a day.  We will practice a bit with meditative drawing. No experience needed. All supplies included. [...]


Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide in 2018- Serenity Spa

Serenity Day Spa 1523 Columbia Turnpike, Castleton

Make 2018 your best year ever without New Year's resolutions or unrealistic promises to yourself. Discover how to trust your intuition as the most reliable guide to living your best life. Have some fun creating visuals that reflect 'the story of you'. Take that next step to understand the 'so what' of it all [...]