Reconnecting to Purpose

A Celebration for National Nurse's Day May 2017 9-11am Celebrate your nursing contributions to healthcare. The public perception of the value of nursing has shifted throughout history from angels of mercy; physician hand maidens, to researchers, scholars and leaders impacting health care practice and policy. Healthcare is transforming, so must the self-image of nurses. [...]

Discover the Dirty Little Secret About Self-Care


Discover the Dirty Little Secret about Self-Care The kids need help with homework A big work presentation could use some creative finishing touches Your Dad needs a ride home from his colonoscopy You promised your partner a movie night You haven’t been to an exercise class in weeks…….. How can I possibly go to [...]

Create Your Self-Care Toolkit


Self-care that is low-tech, simple, and sustainable! Discover the benefits of meditation and mindfulness techniques on the body, mind, and heart. Add in a little creativity, and these simple tools reduce stress; anxiety; negativity, and fear, in minutes a day.  We will practice a bit with meditative drawing. No experience needed. All supplies included. [...]