Author’s Message

When someone we love dies, we can miss being near them so much, it hurts.  We experience many different emotions. There may be times when we feel sad, angry, afraid, or lost. Grief is all of those feelings, and more. It may seem confusing, but these feelings are all okay.

Sharing with family, friends, teachers, or counselors we trust can help us understand our grief. As does writing, drawing, music, playing, and spending time in nature.

Mother Nature gifted us with beauty in birds, trees, animals, clouds, and rainbows.  When we pay attention, they bring us comfort and encouragement. The cardinal became my gift as I grieved. His frequent visits still give me hope and remind me love does not leave us when someone dies, it finds a forever home in our hearts.  That is when I say a little prayer and make a wish.

About the Author

Carole Heaney is a mom, nona, wife, nurse, coach, late-blooming creative, and author. Her nursing background in end-of-life care and personal experience with death and dying encouraged her to share this story which brought great comfort to her following a family death.

Writing this book led to sharing memories with her grandchildren about a grandad they will never meet while creating a forever place in their hearts and deepening their understanding of how grief keeps love alive.